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Arts Hub, Richard Watts, 13 May 2013


“The biennial event is a rare opportunity for theatre professionals from every corner of the country to meet, to pool ideas, to discuss the pressing issues facing the performing arts sector, and to imagine what theatre in Australia might look like in 20 year’s time.” Read full article

Radio National, Books and Arts Daily, Michael Cathcart, 30 May 2013

Interview: Nature Theater of Oklahoma

Resident artists Kelly Copper and Pavol Liska talk to Michael Cathcart on their second day in Australia about their work and OK Radio. Listen to interview

Arts Hub, Ben Eltham, 31 May 2013


David Milroy: “…do we want to repeat the mistakes of the past, or focus on the good things of the past twenty years?” Read full article

Australia Council’s Artery, Martin Portus, 13 June 2013

Australian Theatre Forum 2013 wrap up

…the recent 2013 forum in Canberra opened with two futurist/scientists speculating on what the world and its concerns would be like for theatre-makers in thirty years’ time. For curator Alicia Talbot and the Theatre Network Victoria, the forum over the next three days was not to be confined by a fixed agenda of standard industry concerns. She welcomed a ‘wilful and measured naivety. There are always critical issues we are compelled to talk about – but what else can happen if we knowingly put these to one side?’

The first challenge, with this talk instead of the future, was how to get audiences to embrace the world’s growing concerns without drowning in hopeless talk of apocalypse. Here an early theme of the forum emerged – the need for citizens to take responsibility for how we will live, and for artists to take a lead in that advocacy and (more optimistic) social debate. Read full article

Radio National, Big Ideas, Paul Barclay, 30 July 2013

Do we even have a future? Lenore Manderson and Kristin Alford’s keynote: highlights

“In a free ranging and thought provoking conversation an anthropologist and a futurist challenge our preoccupation with the here and now and ask us to take a few risks and imagine the future. Highlights of Do we even have a future – keynote address at the Australian Theatre Forum, Canberra, May 2013” Listen

RealTime, John Baylis, 16 August 2013

Wrap-up article: Great Expectations

“…I would not have normally chosen to listen to an account of setting up a chain of Vietnamese restaurants, but Nahji Chu’s session brought home to me how little we theatre professionals have innovated when it comes to thinking about our business models…” Read article