Below please find some resources that we hope will be of interest to you, whether you attended or not!

ATF Submission to the National Cultural Policy

The Australian Theatre Forum submitted a formal response to the National Cultural Policy discussion paper, on behalf of the delegates, based on outcomes from the Forum.

Women in theatre research – conversation starter

Laurence Olivier speaking from Theatre Royal, Tasmania

Listen to theatre legend Laurence Olivier answering questions from ABC listeners in his dressing room at the Theatre Royal in Tasmania, in 1948. His words still have great currency: “a building without a [theatre] company is like a body without a soul”.

Listen here.

National Cultural Policy Discussion Paper

Until 2013, there had been no national cultural policy in Australia since Keating’s Creative Nation (1994). The 2011 National Cultural Policy Discussion Paper, called for submissions to assist in shaping a ten year vision for arts and culture in Australia. As a theatre sector, we needed to make sure we had a say, so ATF encouraged as many participants as possible to put in a submission by the deadline of 21st October 2011. ATF also put in a sector submission, with discussions at the forum informing that submission.

Chris Mead (2010), Shake It Up, Australia Council for the Arts

“Australia does not yet have a vibrant theatre culture, certainly not when measuring it against the recent definition set out by the Australia Council for the Arts. We might recognise moments, signs, a feeling of artistic vibrancy, but it is a flare in a dark sky rather than hard evidence of a rich and sustainably vigorous theatre scene. Our theatre is alive, various, glorious, messy and idiosyncratic, world class even—but vibrant? So what is this vibrancy and why would we want it?”

Australian Theatre Forum Open Space Notes (2009)


The 2009 ATF used Open Space for Day Two. The resulting report (250 pages) is the direct write-ups by the delegates, during the Open Space session. Because it is 250 pages, it takes about 20 seconds to download!

Lyn Wallis (2010) Theatre Sector Plan 2010-2012, Australia Council for the Arts

“In 2009-10, the Australia Council invested almost $21.1 million in Australian theatre. State governments provide a further $9.6 million. The theatre board currently funds 27 key organisations. The board also funds six emerging key organisations, and 12 youth companies on a triennial basis. In 2010 the Major Performing Arts Board (MPAB) provided annual funding of almost $9.1 million to nine theatre companies (including Circus Oz, which is included as a physical theatre company).” The sector plan describes the Australia Council’s involvement with the sector, identifies current issues and outlines short and medium term goals and priorities.

International Co-Production Manual – The journey which is full of surprises

IETM – International network for contemporary performing arts and KAMS – Korea Arts Management Service have launched a free downloadable publication for cultural operators and artists interested in collaboration between Asia and Europe.

The aim of the publication is to explore and demystify the process of international co- production, to explain different models and mechanisms of co-production and to spell out the benefits and challenges. To get under the skin of the co-production process which, all too often, only focuses on the final product.

Green Mobility Guide for the Performing Arts

On the Move (OTM) works to facilitate mobility, contributing to build a vibrant arts and culture sector worldwide. The environmental impact of our mobility prompted OTM to take steps to improve information for performing arts professionals so that we can all keep on being mobile whist making responsible decisions.

OTM and Julie´s Bicycle commissioned a Green Mobility Guide offering practical recommendations for professionals across the performing arts, case studies and resources.

You can also find this and other important green resources dedicated to music, orchestras, screens, theatres and visual arts at Julie´s Bicycle´s website.