Power Shifting Models

Foyer Sunken Lounge, Wed 4th Oct, 11:30am, 1 Hour Facilitator: Louisa Norman 1st Provocateur: Chris Bendall 2nd Provocateur: Lyn Wallis

How could a new model of a performance market work? How can we allow artists, presenters and audiences explore and create the best Australian work? Using commissioning models, touring consortiums, and performance hubs: how might we experiment with the paradigms of power in the market place?

Key Points (Updated Live)

  • Theatre is collaborative so is the word ‘marketplace’ the best word to use due to its non-colaborative implications.

  • Proliforation of markets means more diversity but near impossible for people to attend all the markets they want to.

  • What is the best way to spend our time and money to make sure everyone in the room (artists, presenters, producers etc) are interested in the work being offered?

  • Can a speed dating style of marketplace/exchange open up a conversation based collaboration? And can this lead to longer-term relationships?

  • Seperate state based markets could co-ordinate more to prehaps create a programming season. Can they work together to broadcast each other, co-ordinating timings etc?

  • Blak Lines New Works Platform is a good example of artist lead and relationship based marketplacing/commissioning.

  • Good Pitch is a good example of an opportunity of a marketplace where individual donors and private investors can look at and talk to artists about their work. Can we emulate this further?

  • Let’s take another look at how we use the national touring website. Not everyone is hooked into it and not everyone knows it exists.