Cultural Values - International Perspectives

FT Stage 1, Wed 4th Oct, 11:30am, 1 Hour Facilitator: Zohar Spatz 1st Provocateur: Madeleine Flynn 2nd Provocateur: Leisa Shelton

Artists can be considered living examples of ‘informal ambassadors’ or early ‘cultural diplomats’ as we tour, collaborate and exchange across borders and cultures: what values are we taking or portraying overseas? How do we foster shared cultural understandings when touring or undertaking diverse collaborations?

Key Points (Updated Live)

  • The conversation started by talking about intercultural work - the failures and successes of these particular works and what it even means to have cultural values?

  • How do we welcome people into our companies? One way is cultural brokers - people that act as bridge makers across intercultural projects.

  • There’s a lack of deep understanding of who each other are, and a lack of understanding of the scope and style of the ways we’re working. It’s all money driven. When artists come together - they fast-track to getting things done but by doing this they miss the understanding of the practice and the culture they are engaging with. We need to push to create this space.

  • There was an example - one person’s first experience working intra-culturaly was doing improvisations and they realised the difference between the Western and Chinese canon of improvisations… its so different. And there was a lack of this understanding. It all comes down to underestimating the artistic practice. Every voice needs to make an offer.

  • We might need cultural risk assessment on every project - a way for us to talk abour our values before engaging in work together.

  • Let’s have conversations… we need to take the time to have a conversation about the work. What do we share and why are we here? We need to interrogate our values. Take the time.