Sacrificing Your Career on the Altar of Activism?

Queens Theatre 2, Thu 5th Oct, 10:00am, 1 Hour Facilitator: Alethea Beetson 1st Provocateur: Edwin Kemp Attrill 2nd Provocateur: Sara Strachan

Saying something with your art is necessary but it can also be a treacherous path for your career: who is doing it? Why are we doing it? What are the models we are doing it with? This conversation is a precursor to discussions at the National Youth Arts Summit and Masterclass on Friday and Saturday, 6 and 7 September.

Key Points (Updated Live)

  • **How do you have a successful career without sacrificing your political voice? Perhaps you don’t. Political activism is vital.

  • ** 50% of artists earn under 50 000 from their practice. Value is only placed on art when it crosses over with education or other mediums.

  • ** How do you create political art without shutting out or “intimidating” your audience? We want people to engage not be turned off or scared away.

  • **As an First Nations person, you are born an activist.

  • **Large institutuons are still deeply linked to colonialism. Institutional racism is still deeply intrenched.

  • ** Why do we keep bringing up these issues? Because they are still issues! We will continue to be politically active until there is permanent and lasting change.

  • ** Activism is seen as something where you go hard and burnout, but in reality the best work comes from a long career when you know how to look after yourself

  • ** Activism doesn’t have to be a huge thing. Engaging in small everyday battles is just as important and just as important. Pick your battles

  • ** How do you stand up for “smaller” theatre? How do you step away from the main stage and still make work that is engaging to audiences?

  • ** Stand up for your right to make the art you want to make.