Following on from ATF 2017, Theatre Network Australia (TNA) commissioned co-curators Alexis West & Steve Mayhew to compile a series of bite-sized interviews with a broad selection of individuals who are currently making / supporting Australian Theatre. The provocation is simple: “What are our Future Directions of Australian Theatre and what are we doing NOW that will lead to this future?” These interviews aim to examine the ripple effects of the 2017 Australian Theatre Forum and will contribute directly to an ongoing conversation as TNA gears itself up for the next incarnation of the Forum.

Podcast #1 
Alexis West and Steve Mayhew talk amongst themselves and reflect on what has resonated with them since October 2017 arriving at some new keynote speakers for a non-existent forum.

Podcast #2
Alexis West talks candidly and deeply with Kamara Bell Wykes (Creative Director, Ilbijerri Theatre Company) about taking up space on our theatre platforms, new company structures and stories from our communities and mobs.


Teila Watson’s Keynote address, published by New Matilda. Read the full address here.
Monday 12 November 2017
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Photo Gallery
Images courtesy of AustralianPlays.org, Feral Arts/Norm Horton, and Ben Searcy. See if you can spot someone you know!

Keynotes documented by AustralianPlays.org – Captioned versions will be released shortly:

Jacob Boehme

Linda Kennedy

Vanessa Lee

Emma Webb

RealTime Arts article by Ben Brooker
Wednesday 1 November 2017

Thoughts on the Australian Theatre Forum 2017 (WA)
Facilitated by The Blue Room Theatre
Friday 13 October 2017

Postcards from the Australian Theatre Forum, by Richard Watts for ArtsHub
Friday 6 October 2017

Value of the arts demonstrated in new Australian study, by Richard Watts for ArtsHub
Wednesday 4 October 2017

Community, country and sector: fighting for change, by Richard Watts for ArtsHub
Tuesday 3 October 2017
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RealTime Interview: Jo Bannon, never a ghost, by Osunwunmi
Monday 25 September 2017