Audio Recordings

Click on the links below to listen to audio recordings of the keynotes, panels and selected working sessions. Clearances are currently being sought and sessions are being uploaded as soon as they are received.

Opening Keynote: Lenore Manderson and Kristin Alford

Rehearsing the future – anti-fragility and risk aversion.

ATF2013 Opening Keynote_Lenore Manderson and Kristin Alford by Antonia Seymour on Mixcloud

Keynote: David Milroy

The growing appetite for black stories and a provocation for how we work together as an industry.

ATF2013 Keynote_David Milroy by Antonia Seymour on Mixcloud

Keynote: OK Radio

Pavol Liska and Kelly Copper take OK Radio to the stage.

ATF2013 Keynote_OK Radio by Antonia Seymour on Mixcloud

Working session: Wendy Blacklock

A personal history of commissioning, producing and touring Aboriginal theatre.

ATF2013 Wendy Blacklock’s personal history of touring Aboriginal theatre by Antonia Seymour on Mixcloud

Panel: Artistic Directors of the Major theatre companies

Vision and Reinvention

Chair: Stephen Armstrong; Speakers: Geordie Brookman, Leticia Caceres, Wesley Enoch, Peter Evans, Mike Finch, Brenna Hobson, Matt Lutton, Polly Rowe.

ATF 2013 Panel_Artistic Directors of Australia’s Major theatre companies: Vision and Reinvention by Antonia Seymour on Mixcloud

Panel: Festival Directors

The changing nature of Australian Festivals – or not?

Chair: Wesley Enoch; Speakers: Robyn Archer, Jo Duffy, Jonathan Holloway, Edwina Lunn, David Sefton, Noel Staunton.

ATF2013 Keynote_The Changing Nature of Festivals – or not? by Antonia Seymour on Mixcloud

Address: Tony Grybowski, Australia Council

An update on the Australia Council from the new CEO

ATF 2013_Tony Grybowski Address by Antonia Seymour on Mixcloud

Keynote: Nahji Chu, with an introduction by Alicia Talbot

MissChu, Queen of Rice Paper Rolls talks about her own approach to what’s not possible and breaking the rules.

ATF2013 Keynote_Nahji Chu by Antonia Seymour on Mixcloud